Three bands, five solo singers chosen at SRJ Audition at the 11th Annual Steinhatchee’s Fiddler Crab Festival

Finals for solos/duos and the last band audition coming up March 8 at SOSMP!

More country artists have been chosen to move to the Suwannee River Jam Audition Finals March 8 at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. These artists from across the country were chosen Feb. 16 at the Fiddler Crab Festival in Steinhatchee during a day-long audition.

Bands chosen to move straight to the 2019 Suwannee River Jam without further audition are Creekside Band (Pierson, Ga.), Doc Adams Band (Dixie & Levy counties) and Savannah Faith Band (Kentucky). These bands will join with the bands chosen Feb. 8; Justin Spivey Band (Axton, Ga.) and Dylan Gerard and his band (Jacksonville) and those to be chosen March 8 at SOSMP in performing at the 2019 SRJ.  Fat Tractor Band (Tampa) was selected as a wildcard in the event there is an opening for another band at the SRJ May 1-4 at the SOSMP.

Solo singers chosen are Macey Mac (Ocala), Cliff Dorsey (High Springs), Godiva Simonic (Jacksonville), Samuel Herb (Nashville, TN) and Ashley Holbrook (Orange Park). These five artists will join those already chosen in the first audition Jan. 11…Brandon Adams (St. Augustine), Cheyenne Graft Brigham (O’Brien), Sarah Trimm (Live Oak), Nolan Hamm (17 of Bushnell) and the duo of Stephen Quinn and Gabe Bullard (Jacksonville) in performing at the finals March 8 in the Music Hall at SOSMP. There, they will audition for the last time for the chance to perform at this year’s SRJ. Make plans now to attend this huge March 8 event!

Other artists already chosen Jan. 11 to perform at the SRJ are Diamond Dixie Band (originally a trio) and a trio of Katie O (13 of Jacksonville), Sadie Miller (10 of Branford) and Brooke Spence (10 of Jacksonville). These three extremely talented ladies auditioned as solo acts but were asked to form a trio and perform together which they agreed to do.

Make plans to attend the final audition March 8th and find out who will make it to the 2019 Jam!