FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When I arrive at the festival gate, what do I do?

Park your vehicle in temporary parking and walk up to the Ticket Booth. All persons in your party, must come to the window to exchange their ticket for a wristband. Please park your vehicle in day parking before entering the festival.

Q: What comes with Gold VIP?

When you purchase a Gold VIP, you will receive discount beverages, 3 meals, dinner Friday, Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner, VIP bathrooms, souvenir laminate, official T-shirt and Poster and Goody Bag. 

Q: What comes with Silver VIP? 

When you purchase a Silver VIP, you will receive discount beverages, and a souvenir laminate.

Q: Do student ticket holders have to have more than 1 ID?

Each student redeeming a student ticket for a wristband, must show a current student photo ID or the student must be able to show proof of their current class schedule by pulling it up online when they get to the ticket window.

Q: Do Student tickets come with Primitive Camping?

Yes, as long as you have the proper identification you will be able to camp in the primitive area for free.

Q: Who does the Military discount apply to?

The military discount applies to current, retired or discharged Veterans that show a military ID. We do accept the DD214.

Q: Are pets allowed at Festivals?

We love pets, but for everybody’s safety, particularly your animals’, please leave them at home. The central issue is simply one of safety — for the dogs and for the people. No dogs are allowed in the festival areas. The only exceptions are for verifiable service animals or park residents and park members. ALL animals must be checked-in at Pet Registration when you arrive at the park. If you bring your pet, there will be a $200 Pet Regestration Fee. We waive this fee for legitimate service animals. ALL ANIMALS MUST HAVE PROOF OF CURRENT RABIES VACCINATION.

Q: What time is check out for Campers?

Check out for camping is 12 NOON.

Q: What time is check out for Cabin Rentals?

Check out for cabin rentals is 11 am.

Q: How many camping units/vehicles can I have at my site?

You may have 1 camping unit and 1 driving unit per site upgraded site. This means if you have a tent, you may have a car. If you are pulling a 5th wheel, you may leave your truck. If you are driving a motor home, you may have a car.

Q: Does the campsite purchase include any festival tickets?

No, tickets are sold separately and are non-refundable. If you want to camp on-site, you must purchase a weekend Festival ticket in addition to your campsite.

Q: Is the price of campsites per night or for all the days?

When you purchase a campsite, you are purchasing it for the entire festival. Early arrival days can be purchased in advance or at the gate, the days before an event is normally a per person/per day fee.

Q: I am dropping off a camper for a family member/friend before the festival begins. Do I need a wristband to get onto the site?

The gates officially open on Tuesday at 12pm for campers WITH EARLY ARRIVAL CAMPING TICKETS and will remain open each day until Saturday night. You are welcome to drop off a camper for your family members or friends during front gate hours. Upon arrival, ask for an escort at the front gate. The escort will “escort” you to the site and back out again.

Q: When do the campgrounds open?

The park is open 365 days a year and Suwannee River Jam goers are welcome to come early. Additional camping fees will apply if you choose to arrive before 8 am on Wednesday.

Q: Are generators allowed?

Yes, we provide a designated generator camping area. Anyone camping with a generator must camp in the designated generator camping area. Anyone camping with a generator in an area not designated for generators will be asked to either move to the generator camping area or if unwilling to move will not be able to use the generator in these areas at all.

Q: May I set up a tent to reserve space for friends?

No. Roping or tarping off campsites for friends is not allowed. If roping or tarping off campsites are discovered by park staff, it will be removed. Please do not reserve more space than you need.

Q: Does the park have Wi-Fi?

Yes, and it’s Free. Just click on the Wi-Fi link listed as SOSMP – no password is required, but you must agree to the Terms of Service.

Q: Do I need to bring a chair?

Festival-style seating will be in effect; first come, first served. Please bring lawn chairs and blankets. The amphitheater seating and the Jam field area must be cleared at the end of each day. No chairs can be left overnight. No coolers, alcoholic beverages, food or drink may be brought into the festival area. Please be prepared for security search of all bags and packs.

Q: Will coolers be allowed in the music area?

No. Leave the coolers at your campsite.

Q: What can I bring in with me into the concert area?

Our events are outdoor music festivals. The event is rain or shine, so you may want to bring a jacket and sunscreen. NO food or beverage carry-ins are allowed. You may also bring a camera. NO video recording is allowed. All carry-ins will be subject to search by Security. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED.

Q: Can I bring my Golf Cart into the park?

Yes, as long as you follow these rules: Golf Carts require proof of liability insurance and payment of trail fees. All golf carts must be registered. Please call the Park Office to verify that your golf cart meets Park policy before hauling it to the Park. Please see complete Golf Cart Policy HERE.

Q: Can I bring my Street Legal Golf Cart into the park?

Yes, as long as you pay the trail fee for it. Even though it is street legal, it is still a golf cart.

Q: Can I bring my ATV into the park?

NO, ATV’s are NOT allowed in the Park. Please see complete Golf Cart Policy HERE.

Q: Can I take pictures?

Yes, pictures are allowed. No video recording is allowed.

Q: Is handicap camping available?

The Peacock Lodge and several campsites are considered to be handicap accessible and are available upon request on a first come first serve basis. We provide handicap accessible festival parking at the Music Hall parking lot. We DO provide transport from your campsite to any festival gate or from the festival gate to the seating area. If you possess a handicap parking sticker, we recommend you drive from your campsite to the handicap parking area daily.

Q: Is handicap seating available?

Yes, in General Admission right behind the Reserved Seating Section. You and (1) escort may sit there. For VIP and Reserve seating we can remove the chair for your wheelchair. We provide handicap accessible parking at the Music Hall parking lot. We do not provide transport from any gate to the seating area.

Q: How can I get my RV pumped out?

You can stop by the Park Office located at the front of the park or call 386-364-1683.

Q: Are Single Day tickets available?

Single day will be available for purchase.

Q: What does a Single Day Pass include?

A Single Day Pass allows you full access to the festival area from 8:00AM until the music ends for that purchased day. It does not include camping or overnight privileges.

Q: May I camp on a Single Day Pass?

No. Festival goers must have a full festival/weekend ticket in order to camp. Single day ticket holders must exit the park immediately following the end of the music.

Q: Can a weekend general admission ticket be used for different people on different days?

No. Weekend General Admission tickets are for 1 specific person only. You will turn your ticket in at the gate and be armbanded for the entire Festival. Lost or broken armbands will not be replaced. You can purchase 1-day tickets for individuals wishing to come only 1 day without camping.

Q: Do I need a different pass to get into the campgrounds?

Yes, you will need a camp access pass. These can be purchased through the office prior to the event. Once the gate prices go into effect, camp passes may only be purchased at the gate. EVERYONE at your campsite (even if they are just visiting the campsite) MUST have a camp access pass.

Q: What is your refund policy?

We have a NO REFUND cancellation policy for all Festival Event Tickets and Camping Reservations.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for ticket purchases?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: What happens if I break or lose my wristband? Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately no, we do not replace lost or stolen wristbands. Please be careful with your wristband as you will not be allowed anywhere on site without one.

Q: How can I work the Suwannee River Jam or any other festival?

If you are interested in working the event please complete the form HERE. One of our coordinators will review your submittal and contact you soon.  We appreciate your interest.


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